Monday, September 27, 2010

Friendly conversation with my ex

NeverShoutAl 6:21 pm
    But just because I love you, I don't want you to think I want you to wait for me, or vice versa
    I have my own belief system with love
    It's weird
NeverShoutAl 6:21 pm
    Just know
    If I were single, and you decided to say fuck what mom says and dated me. I'd be so down, and I'd unintentionally troll her by being the best she's ever seen.
    I want my first fucking million by 30
    My dad almost saw his
    But now he's about to be 40
    I want to beat him by 10 years
    And I want to love
    I want fucking passion
    I want money and passion
    That's what I need.
    Fuck the rest
    Well okay
    Some friends
NeverShoutAl 6:23 pm
    And dealers
Olivia Sumfin 6:24 pm
    Nice rant~
NeverShoutAl 6:24 pm
    Did you like it?
Olivia Sumfin 6:24 pm
NeverShoutAl 6:24 pm
    Would you have liked it more if it ended with me having you pinned to the wall with my teeth at your neck?
Olivia Sumfin 6:25 pm
    Ofcourse >_<
NeverShoutAl 6:25 pm
Olivia Sumfin 6:25 pm
NeverShoutAl 6:25 pm
    brb posting on blogger
NeverShoutAl 6:25 pm
    The rant part
    And maybe the neck part
    But not the <3 part
    Cause that doesn't show me being hardcore.
    And I gotta appease the masses by being hardcore.
    Cause I'm a man.
Olivia Sumfin 6:26 pm
    Lol xD how... Er. Macho, of you


Anonymous said...

well all i can say its interesting :))

RatsRunThisTown said...

I love that you posted the '<3' part anyway xD

And wait... your not dating her cos her MUM said you cant...?

Come on dude |:

Freshman said...


Randy Weezner said...

original name you got going there.