Friday, October 1, 2010

Sept 30th 2010: My paranoia manifested.

Yesterday was a bad day. A really bad day for my mental health and other people I  knew.
You see my paranoia started when I bought some weed with my friends.
Cops took note of the fact that my car is a BMW stopping by a drug spot. After that my entire mental health was shit. The entire day I felt like a spectacle, like the city was watching me. At one point I'm 99% sure a drug sniffing dog was walked by my car. Twice. Each time the walker hugged my car a little. I couldn't start the fucking car because I was so paranoid I forgot to take it off of D when I tried to start it. How I parked in D, I don't know. Now after calling my mother to start the car for me (since she thought the problem was the wheel and it was her car before mine)

Driving off now my friends and I are feeling better. I even drive by a police station to try and rid me of my paranoia. Didn't work, actually, made it worst. I felt like once I hit the main street I was being tailed, and BAM I was. There was a Lexus who was tailing me, driver had a hat on and kept turning away into another avenue every time I caught a glimpse of it. This fucked me up hard. Not to mention some sort of car that only moved from its double parked spot every time I stopped at the light behind it. I felt like the entire New York City population was against me. My paranoia really took a hold of me, so much so that I dropped my friend off and here's what happened to him.

angel almanzar 11:40 am
NeverShoutAl 11:40 am
    So I spoke to my mom just now, and she's with her cop friend. And
    It's because it was 9/30
    Last day of the month -_-;
    And because I was a young dude who stopped in Dyckman with a dude ni the front seat while sitting in a BMW
    They were doing that all over the city
angel almanzar 11:41 am
    niggas were following you cause of that? =__=
NeverShoutAl 11:41 am
    Not following me
    Paying attention to me
angel almanzar 11:41 am
    keeping tabs
NeverShoutAl 11:41 am
    And that car that was like waiting before the light changed
    Was like waiting for me to fuck up
    They do shit like that as a tactic
angel almanzar 11:42 am
    were you looking out for a silver lexus
    probably '05
NeverShoutAl 11:42 am
    All I know is
    I had to come home
    Play Pokemon
    And pass out
angel almanzar 11:43 am
    I'm asking you
NeverShoutAl 11:43 am
    I was
    The Lexus that kept popping up
angel almanzar 11:43 am
    that description I gave?
NeverShoutAl 11:43 am
    It wasn't silver
    It was more
angel almanzar 11:43 am
NeverShoutAl 11:43 am
    A like a silver with a yellow tint
angel almanzar 11:44 am
NeverShoutAl 11:44 am
angel almanzar 11:44 am
    shit followed me when I got out
NeverShoutAl 11:44 am
angel almanzar 11:44 am
    I went into a building and came out
    shit was parked two buildings down
NeverShoutAl 11:44 am
NeverShoutAl 11:44 am
    I wasn't being paranoid
    I new I was being watched
angel almanzar 11:45 am
    me like a dick tried to bluff and walk by it and a boy popped out
NeverShoutAl 11:45 am
angel almanzar 11:45 am
    I booked it to the train HAULING ASS
NeverShoutAl 11:45 am
    Dead ass?
angel almanzar 11:46 am
    he came out and looked at me
    I ran, no questions asked
NeverShoutAl 11:49 am

Yesterday was a bad day -_-'


Slumph said...

Good read, hope your day is going well.

Hydrogenous said...

the trick it to just not give a ****

Trashcanman said...

it will be okay c:

Lewis Candler said...

sleep on it

Dilly Skates said...

don't worry, just relax